Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: faces of the new ‘global citizen class’?


    It was uncovered amid their separation a year ago that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt possessed no less than 12 multimillion-dollar homes over the world. Presently new research uncovers that Jolie and Pitt are a piece of a developing “worldwide subject class” of multimillionaires who spend their lives flying between different properties on the planet’s most attractive areas.

    The report, by the exploration firm Wealth-X, found that as private stream travel has turned out to be more available and quicker web speeds have made working from the shoreline or ski hold up more down to earth, the world’s wealthiest individuals are purchasing up various homes.

    Over 10% of the world’s 212,625 ultra-high total assets people – characterized as those with resources of in any event $30m (£24m) – possess at least five properties notwithstanding their fundamental home, the exploration found. “Like never before these homes of the well off will be spread far and wide, crosswise over various nations and landmasses,” the report, delivered in organization with the extravagance home operators Warburg Realty and Barnes International Realty, said.

    The specialists obliging the Hamptons’ super-rich: ‘This is not heaven for me’

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    Clelia Warburg Peters, the leader of Warburg Realty and awesome extraordinary granddaughter of the lender Felix Warburg, stated: “A rising pattern is the development of the worldwide national class, a large portion of whom are to a great degree affluent people who consider themselves residents of the world, as much as subjects of their nation of origin.” She said they had a “tremendous level of versatility” in their benefits, however noticed that there was a developing “political pushback against this class”.

    The report said the development in rich individuals’ multi-home portfolios had been driven by the developing simplicity of top of the line travel. “The developing private stream showcase in creating economies and the globalized way of present day business have prodded interest for second [and regularly more] homes to satisfy the business, instructive, and recreational requirements of the ultra-well off and their families,” the report said.

    The most well known urban communities for second homes are Hong Kong, for its vicinity to China; London, which has as of late recorded expanded intrigue due to the debilitating pound; Los Angeles, for superstars and their admirers; New York; and Singapore.

    Riches X said the quantity of rich individuals with more than five homes could without much of a stretch be far higher than 21,000, in light of the fact that its examination was ordered from openly accessible information and would not check homes purchased through trusts, seaward organizations or claimed for the sake of a companion or other relative.

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    The Hamptons: where the super rich and working poor impact

    Oxfam, which this week said the world’s eight wealthiest individuals control an indistinguishable riches between them from the poorest portion of the worldwide populace, said the developing property portfolios were another indication of the worldwide disparity emergency.

    “A world class gathering can channel their riches into different properties while a huge number of individuals don’t have a rooftop over their heads,” said Oxfam’s imbalance strategy counsel, Chiara Mariotti. “We have to rebalance our economies so they work in light of a legitimate concern for everybody – particularly the poorest – for instance by guaranteeing the super-rich pay what’s coming to them towards the battle against destitution.”

    London was named the most desireable city for the affluent to purchase property in light of its own and business security, culture, instruction and shopping, and regardless of the legislature expanding stamp obligation on second homes worth more than £1.5m to 15% a year ago. The report said an extravagance habitation in London was “generally viewed as a way of life need for the affluent tip top”.


    More than 6,400 ultra-high total assets individuals live in London, the second-most astounding populace after New York with 8,375. London’s super-rich, who are justified regardless of a normal of $130m, are more assorted than New York’s, with 37% being non-British subjects contrasted and 26% non-US natives in New York.

    “London is really a worldwide play area for the world’s ultra-affluent,” Warburg Peters said. “The well off need to purchase properties that truly make them feel like they’re in London.”

    The fall in the estimation of the pound activated by the Brexit vote and a current blast in new extravagance improvements along the Thames are said to have made an “once-in-an era purchasing opportunity” in London.4

    “The ultra affluent are an exceptionally global gathering of individuals and have organizations in loads of spots and invest a considerable measure of relaxation energy in bunches of place,” Winston Chesterfield, an executive of Wealth-X, said. “Not each and every rich individual purchases an imposing business model leading body of properties, however that is very well known.”

    He said a place on the shoreline and a ski cabin are the most mainstream property buys – “and brought with a nation house and town house, it doesn’t take long to get to five.”