No 10 defends Boris Johnson over ‘Brexit punishment beatings’ quip


    Bringing down Street was compelled to go to the safeguard of the outside secretary Boris Johnson after he cautioned the French president, François Hollande, not to react to Brexit by attempting to “direct discipline beatings” in the way of “some world war two motion picture”.

    The remote secretary evoked the darkest time of France’s current history as he rejected remarks by a guide to Hollande who said Britain ought not expect a superior exchanging relationship outside Europe than it presently appreciates inside.

    Gove guards Boris Johnson over WW2 correspond, saying it’s ‘witty illustration’ – as it happened

    Moving scope of the day’s political advancements as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and response to May’s Brexit discourse

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    At a remote approach gathering in Delhi, Johnson stated: “If Hollande needs to manage discipline beatings to anyone who looks to escape [the EU], in the way of some world war two film, I don’t believe that is the route forward. It’s not in light of a legitimate concern for our companions and accomplices.”

    His words came just 24 hours after Theresa May reminded her bureau serves in her Lancaster House discourse to show restriction by notice “any stray word” could make securing a Brexit bargain more troublesome.

    In spite of the fact that the French government declined to react to Johnson’s comments, Guy Verhofstadt, the lead Brexit mediator for the European parliament, marked them “loathsome and profoundly unhelpful”.

    English lawmakers blamed Johnson for being unfit to head the strategic administration. Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat pioneer, stated: “This is an absolutely coarse and confused comment from the man who should be our main negotiator.

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    However more detestable and profoundly unhelpful remarks from @BorisJohnson which PM May ought to denounce. issues/2017/jan/18/boris-johnson-world-war-two-discipline beatings-brexit-francois-hollande?CMP=share_btn_tw …

    9:45 PM – 18 Jan 2017

    Photograph distributed for No 10 shields Boris Johnson over ‘Brexit discipline beatings’ jest

    No 10 shields Boris Johnson over ‘Brexit discipline beatings’ jest

    English outside secretary inspires dim time of French history as he cautions François Hollande against attempting to hurt UK

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    “I accept Boris Johnson says these things to avoid from the express shambles this Brexit government is in over its arrangements to remove Britain from the single market. In any case, this sort of tacky remark just serves to join Europe facilitate against Britain at once we require companions like never before.”


    Jeremy Corbyn’s representative stated: “We’re very much aware the outside secretary has a propensity for making wild and improper remarks, and discussing world war two in that setting is another of those.18

    “That is not going to be something that will enhance the atmosphere for these transactions. I don’t think dangers or wild examinations or analogies will help the circumstance.”

    In any case, Downing Street safeguarded the outside secretary, saying he had not compared Hollande to a Nazi, and was just “making a showy correlation with some of those reminiscent WWII films”. The representative rejected press understandings of the remarks, contrasting them with the “advertised up media reports” denounced by the executive in her Brexit discourse.

    Jo Johnson, the colleges and science serve, said his sibling had been “utilizing brilliant dialect to get over a critical point”. Michael Gove, Johnson’s kindred leave campaigner, said individuals outraged by Johnson were “humorless [and] purposely insensitive”.