National tensions exposed within Brexit Britain

National tensions exposed within Brexit Britain


David Marquand attests that “there is no such place as Britain” (How can Britain leave the EU? England doesn’t generally exist, 13 January). In the event that Britain is not a country, to what country does the “national” allude in “National Rail”, “National Trust”, “national obligation” and so on? No Welsh consulate, Scottish travel permit, Northern Irish furnished constrain, or English worldwide dialing code exists. All countries are simulated, created develops. The UK is no less a nation than each of its constituent countries.

It is consummately workable for a country state to be multinational. Marquand calls France a country state, yet patriot Bretons declare their own particular national character. Basques and Catalans constitute diverse national gatherings yet there is undoubtedly the Kingdom of Spain, similar to the United Kingdom, is itself a nation.

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Marquand guarantees the UK’s story is one of “tenacious English development” without recognizing that its beginning lies in James VI of Scotland (I of England), whose rule started the Plantation of Ulster, as well as presented a coin known as the “Join together”. This drag the legend: “I will make them one country”.

It has turned out to be worryingly basic for Scottish patriots to claim they have been colonized under English run the show. Scotland has never been a province. To propose this is to affront those nations that suffered therefore of the British settler extend, which Scotland was just excessively upbeat, making it impossible to share in.

Raj Shah


• David Marquand’s article proposes an undeniable answer for a hefty portion of the issues emerging from the EU choice. Reevaluate the UK so that England and Wales have an established status much the same as that of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, which are not in the EU. Some rebranding of their status as crown conditions may be required.

This would permit Brexiteers to seek after their fantasies without dealing with any Europeans. It would likewise regard the unmistakable majority rule wishes of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Andrew Syme



• In presenting the defense for a “total separation with the EU” Theresa May contends that “One reason that Britain’s majority rule government has been such a win for such a large number of years is … the quality of our way of life as one country” (Theresa May to state UK is ‘readied to acknowledge hard Brexit’,, 15 January). The fact of the matter is altogether different. As David Marquand calls attention to, the UK is a multinational state and two sections of it, Scotland and Northern Ireland, voted to stay in the EU.

May is set to proceed with the long history of English leaders disregarding the desires of the non-English parts of the UK. By doing as such she may well guarantee that the UK itself does not survive exit from the EU.

Declan O’Neill


• In your article on the Brexit resistance (We’re getting greater constantly, G2, 11 January) you called attention to that in Scotland the SNP remains “staunchly professional European”, yet that there is no such portrayal for individuals in England and Wales. Notwithstanding the general vote in Wales, this nation is not without political portrayal. Plaid Cymru remains staunchly and effectively genius European.

Given the vote here, Plaid Cymru is focusing on assurance of business and nature, instead of battling a comparable fight to the SNP in Scotland. It was discouraging to see Welsh Labor voting against a Plaid Cymru movement to the gathering before Christmas to bolster staying in the single market.

Assessment surveys after the submission vote found that Plaid Cymru individuals and supporters gave a higher rate of votes to stay than those of some other gathering in the UK. Regarding Wales and England as one heterogeneous nation is mistaken.

Janet Davies

Abergavenny, Gwent

• It was the decision of the European court of equity (or foul play, as I call it) in 1988 convincing the UK to force VAT on scene focal points that incited my choice to vote take off. My astigmatism is off the scale, so this has an extreme monetary effect on me. I held up about 30 years to stick up two fingers to the overpaid, unelected, interfering apparatchiks in the EU commission who chose to take the UK government to the ECJ in light of the fact that we were not burdening individuals with sight issues.


Presently Joseph Muscat, PM of Malta, a nation of less than a large portion of a million people, reveals to us we’re screwed over thanks to the ECJ for quite a long time to come (Report, 13 January). His mediation delineates why insensible, uneducated, clueless narrow minded people like me need out of the EU.

Elizabeth Balsom


• Prediction is an unsafe business nowadays. Yet, I believe I’m on secure ground in foreseeing that the solution Theresa May will declare this week to fight off the disastrous monetary impacts of Brexit will be (as officially reported) a race to the base in enterprise impose, in addition to imperviousness to any further direction of money related administrations. The target will be to set up London as a consistent channel to misty assessment asylums, as the servicer and facilitator-in-boss to worldwide kleptocracy. Whatever is left of the economy, and whatever is left of the nation, will be permitted to wilt.

Political and media voices ought to be brought up in shock at this dirty sellout of an once-glad country. Be that as it may, here’s my second forecast: it won’t occur.

Charles Baily